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Quote: George Gendron

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"The Big Thaw did several things that were nearly impossible. It described the state of the practice with authority and absolute clarity, without for a moment pretending that we are anywhere near having new models that can be replicated. It pulled together most of the trends, innovations, and experiments in one place.

As a journalist myself, the report had all the qualities of having been researched and written by someone driven by curiosity, a passionate need to “get to the bottom of things,” that I cherish, especially in spheres characterized by lots of uncertainty and ambiguity. I’m tired of reading the first several paragraphs of something about the state of media and feel I’m being sold something by an author with an agenda.

What surprised me most about The Big Thaw is that, despite the breathtaking rate of change, I still find myself referring back to it for context, understanding, and resources. I’m already looking forward to The Next Big Thaw."

George Gendron, Founder/Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Clark University & former Editor-in-Chief of Inc. Magazine for 20 years.

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